Jul 19, 2021

Online Packages: Introducing UniTrack

A new way to get started before the borders open up.

July 8, 2021 – Brisbane

The first application of our new UniTrack programme enables off-shore students to study Business and IT online and package their qualification with a University Degree.

By combining a NIET qualification with an Australian bachelor degree, students can save time and tuition fees, and come onshore to study their degree once the borders open up. Available for our courses without practical components, this exclusive new programme also provides students with access to our offshore study hubs, located at schools and colleges worldwide.

Our key objective with the UniTrack programme is to give students a defined pathway to studying a degree in Australia, that enables them to get started straight away studying our premium, award-winning courses and kick-start a lifeling learning journey.

Philip Fung, International Business Director

Check out the programme video below – and email Philip.fung@niet.edu.au for more information.